Masanori Rikiishi stops Michael Magnesi in a Spectacular 12th Round Finish

In an electrifying bout that took place on March 22 at the Palazzetto Romboli in Lazio, Italy, Masanori Rikiishi staged an unforgettable comeback victory against Michael Magnesi, turning the tides in a stunning 12th-round finish. Despite the fight’s initial trajectory, which saw the Italian boxer Magnesi dominate several rounds, Rikiishi’s resilience and strategic prowess came to the forefront in the climax of this gripping contest.

Michael Magnesi, the WBC Super Featherweight Silver champion, entered the ring with a formidable record of 23 wins, 1 loss, and 13 knockouts, ready to defend his title for the second time. Having secured the belt with a victory over Ayrton Osmar Giménez in March 2023 through a unanimous decision, Magnesi was poised to continue his reign. His performance throughout the majority of the match seemed to solidify this expectation, as he skillfully outboxed his opponent across numerous rounds, showcasing why he was the defending champion.

On the other side, Masanori Rikiishi, with a record of 14 wins, 1 loss, and 9 knockouts, arrived as the super featherweight champion of the Eastern and Pacific Federation and the Asia-Pacific monarch of the WBO. Despite facing a formidable opponent in Magnesi, Rikiishi’s determination and fighting spirit were undeterred.

The event, promoted by Alessandra Branco (A&B Events) and broadcasted globally on Showy TV, captivated boxing fans worldwide, offering a spectacle of skill, strategy, and heart. As the fight progressed, Magnesi appeared to have the upper hand, winning several rounds decisively and demonstrating his technical superiority.

However, the tide of the battle shifted dramatically in the 12th round. In a moment that highlighted the unpredictability and sheer excitement of boxing, Rikiishi launched a ferocious comeback, leveraging his power and agility to overcome the odds. His ability to capitalize on a critical moment in the match resulted in a spectacular finish, stopping Magnesi and claiming victory in a bout that had seemed nearly out of reach.

Rikiishi’s comeback victory against Magnesi not only marked a significant milestone in his career but also reminded sports enthusiasts of the unpredictable nature of boxing. This fight will be remembered for its dramatic turn of events, showcasing the resilience of a fighter who refused to be counted out until the final bell.