Michael Magnesi vs Masanori Rikiishi: A Thrilling Bout for the WBC Silver Super Featherweight Title

The boxing world is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming bout between Michael Magnesi and Masanori Rikiishi, slated for March 22 at the Palazzetto Romboli in Lazio, Italy. This match promises to be more than just a fight; it’s a clash of titans with the WBC Silver Super Featherweight title on the line.

Michael Magnesi vs Masanori Rikiishi: The Contenders

Both fighters come into this bout with impressive records and a hunger for victory. Michael Magnesi, hailing from Italy, boasts a record of 23-1-0 with 13 KOs. Known for his powerful punches and tactical fighting style, Magnesi is the current WBC Silver Super Featherweight champion, a title he’s defending for the second time against Rikiishi​​​​.

Masanori Rikiishi, from Nagoya, Japan, counters with a record of 14-1-0, including 9 KOs. As a formidable southpaw and the WBO Asia Pacific titleholder, Rikiishi has proven himself a fearsome opponent in the ring. His only defeat to date was early in his career, and he has been undefeated since 2018​​.

Stakes Higher Than Ever

For Magnesi, this fight is not just about defending his title; it’s a step toward his dream of competing for the Green and Gold Belt against the Absolute Champion, Texan O’Shaquie Foster. On the other side, Rikiishi sees this as an opportunity to ascend in the WBC rankings and make a name for himself on the global stage​​​​.

Where to Watch

The bout will be broadcasted worldwide on Showy TV, accessible through various platforms like Apple TV, Android TV, Roku TV, and Amazon Fire applications. This accessibility ensures that boxing fans around the globe can tune in to what is expected to be a thrilling encounter​​.

As the date approaches, the boxing community eagerly awaits what promises to be an electrifying match. With both fighters at the peak of their abilities and the stakes higher than ever, Michael Magnesi vs Masanori Rikiishi is set to be a bout that will be remembered for years to come. Don’t miss your chance to witness boxing history in the making.