Knockout Night Preview: Kalajdzic vs. Barrera Clash at ProBox

The boxing world is eagerly awaiting the upcoming Wednesday night fight featuring Radivoje Kalajdzic vs. Sullivan Barrera. This event is set to be a gripping encounter between two formidable fighters in the light heavyweight division. With Radivoje “Hot Rod” Kalajdzic entering with a record of 28-2-0, and Sullivan Barrera stepping in with 22-4-0, this bout is a compelling matchup of skill, resilience, and strategy that promises to captivate boxing enthusiasts around the globe.

Event Details

  • Date and Venue: Mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 13, 2024, as the fighters square off at the ProBox TV Events Center in Plant City, FL, USA. This venue is recognized for hosting premier boxing events and is set to offer an electrifying atmosphere for this highly anticipated clash.
  • Start Time: The action is scheduled to commence at 8:00 PM EDT, ensuring fans can witness this thrilling showdown during prime evening hours.

Main Event: Kalajdzic vs. Barrera

This eagerly awaited 10-round bout in the light heavyweight category is the centerpiece of the evening. Both fighters bring to the table commendable records and have proven their mettle in the ring through their careers. Kalajdzic, with his remarkable power and tenacity, is looking to continue his winning ways. Barrera, equipped with vast experience and tactical expertise, is poised to challenge Kalajdzic’s dominance and emerge victorious.

Main Card Fights

The event also showcases a stellar undercard featuring promising boxers poised to make their mark:

  • Luke Santa Maria (14-3-1) vs. Nicklaus Flaz (11-2-0): A captivating 10-round welterweight division fight.
  • Marques Valle (10-0-0) vs. Raul Garcia (13-1-1): A 10-round super welterweight division bout, spotlighting the sport’s emerging talents.
  • Danis Castillo (19-2-0) vs. Kelvin Davis (32-11-0): An engaging 8-round super lightweight division contest.
  • Vershaun Lee (1-0-0) vs. Luis Vega Sanchez (0-3-1): A 4-round super lightweight division battle, showcasing the future stars of boxing.


The Radivoje Kalajdzic vs. Sullivan Barrera fight night on ProBox TV, taking place on March 13, 2024, at 8:00 PM EDT in Plant City, FL, is an event no boxing fan should miss. With a lineup that includes both seasoned veterans and rising stars, this evening is set to deliver non-stop action, drama, and unforgettable boxing moments. Ensure you’re tuned in for an exhilarating night of professional boxing.